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Chaussures en cuir et les mots

2010-04-01 03:06:37
Geraskin, PE
Chaussures en cuir et les mots


Amidiskozha - A soft imitation leather on nonwoven (НТ), fabric () or knitted bases (ТР) with a polyamide cover.

The aniline skin-skin painted by organic dyes with the minimum technological processing.

Applikatsija-1.dekorativnaja furnish by gluing, нашивания, imposings of multi-coloured slices of a material., 2. received in such a way.

Dressing-drawing at definitive furnish of a thin layer of a special liquid (appreatures), appearance ensuring improvement and facilitating care of it.

The Footwear code number - the short conditional characteristic containing the data about technology, a design, the materials used for manufacturing and footwear appointment.
According to Russian STATE THAT, the first letter of the code number indicates appointment and a method of production, the second and third-kind leather. Following figures designate: the first-sort footwear. The second, the third and the fourth - its version., the fifth and sixth-method fastenings. The letter standing after figures, indicates colour of a material of top. Now many Russian enterprises, referring to world experience, at production marks given STATE THAT do not follow. In the majority of the countries of the world there are no strict rules of the coding of the code number, each firm uses the.

Footwear range - structure and a parity отельных the kinds of footwear which are manufactured by the enterprise or present in shop.

Baheels -1.shoes Marsh, fishing boots, botfords.2. The special protective soft footwear applied in medicine, chemical industry .3. B.kanadskie-high, mocasins boots (for woodcutters).

Fringe-number of freely hanging down threads, the strips of a skin often in advance fixed on a band. An element of furnish of clothes, footwear.

Bahtarma - the bottom surface of the tanned leather, a leather of an animal.

The inlay-thong, used for manufacturing of top of open footwear.

Bertci - details of top the footwear closing a back surface stops in boots or low shoes. As a rule, on B.Raspolozheny elements of fastening of footwear on a foot.

Botilions - (a life. The)-female modelling truncated boots.

Boots - footwear with the top closing all back surface stops; closing anklebones, and adaptations for its fastening on stop.

Jack boots - high boots with bells.

Boats - the high rubber or warm footwear which is put on over other footwear.

Burci - felt or felt boots with leather unions and backs.

Valenoks - цельноформированные winter boots from felt.

 - the lining fabric reminding artificial velour.
Velour - a leather chromic from the grinding processed by a method by an obverse surface or bahtarma. On В the tanned half-finished product with the deep obverse defects, unsuitable for development of leather with a natural obverse surface is selected. It is applied to manufacturing of top of footwear, clothes and кожгалантерейных items.

Footwear kinds - classification of footwear by a design and appearance. Discriminate five primary groups: sandals, shoes, low shoes, boots and boots.

Viniliskozga - a soft imitation leather with a polyvinylchloride cover. Century НТ-viniliskozha on a nonwoven basis; Century - T - on a fabric basis; Century - TR - on a knitted basis.

Viniluretaniskozha-Tr - an imitation leather on a knitted cloth with a two-layer cover: the bottom layer - porous PVC, obverse - poleuritans.

Supplementary semiinsole - an internal detail of top of the footwear, corresponding under the form pjatochno -  parts of the basic insole and performing functions of a supplementary insole.

Supplementary insole - an internal detail of top of the footwear, corresponding under the form to the basic insole. Serves for improvement of aesthetic, comfortable and hygienic properties of footwear. Lately the wide circulation was received by the orthopedic.

Felt-material from a mix of woollen fibres.

Впорность - conformity of footwear to the sizes of foot on length and the completeness, one of comfort indicators.

Vulcanization - physical and chemical process of formation of spatial structure in rubber under the influence of heat, radiation.

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